Brigil - 121, 115 and 111 Parkdale Avenue and 71 Burnside Avenue


  • 111 Parkdale, Richcraft development is on hold, pre sales have been put on hold.

  • 99 Parkdale, Urbandale – development has been put on hold, will do their parking garage however in tandem with Brigil once Brigil starts theirs.

  • 121 Parkdale – Brigil - At site plan control, beginning construction even without pre sales, expect permit by Dec, then up to a year to start. They have applied for a demo permit now to clean up the area, stop dumping, etc. Then they will start with parking garage with Urbandale.

  • 12 Stirling, Morley Hopner, Is starting presales of the condo to be developed in the old Odawa center, 9 condos are to be built. They have also received approval to build a 9 storey 72 unit building and 9 townhouses on the same site.

  • 92 Stonehurst - Modbox 6 unit condo on , at site plan control, no schedule as of yet

Historical secondary plans for Bayview Station.