MCA Form Membership


Please click the link below to access the full PDF version of the membership form

The MCA Membership form

In case you cannot access the form via pdf, the contents of the form can be found below.




Type: Individual __         Company/Corporation __

                  (over 18 y.o)



Surname:   ____________________________________________


Given Name:  __________________________________________


Company Name (if applicable): _____________________________


Email Address (optional)  __________________________________

            (for MCA newsletter and notices only – will not share mailing list)





(street no.)          (street name)                              (unit/apt no)



(city)                                 (province)                        (postal code)


I would like to receive MCA newsletters and notices by email ____ YES ____ NO


Please complete the membership form and remit your $5 fee

Remit to:  a board member, at our booth at one of our events or

mail it to our new PO Box

Cheque made out to: Mechanicsville Community Association


Rev (Mar 2016)


Are you interested in becoming an active member of MCA?


We have committees and events that need you and your skills! Check our website for notices, news and updates about our community. The Terms of Reference for our committees are available on our website:


Please indicate your interests:

____                Planning/Development

____                Security/Community Liaison

____                Media/Communications/Membership

____                Events


Please remit this form to the above address at your earliest convenience. The Membership fee is $5.00 per calendar year. This fee supports the above-mentioned committees, newsletters, posters and community initiatives.




Posted on March 31, 2016 .